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About Us

Development history

2015 We will create brilliance…….

2012 the company carried out shareholding system reform. Currently the annual capacity reaches 10 billion.

2011 the company  integral moved to the new factory in GuXin Road.

2010 The new plant is completed(annual production capacity: 9000000000 sales: 4.5 Billion yuan in profits and  taxes 110000000 yuan):

2009 The introduction of LED production line, the new factory building foundation (annual production capacity: 7000000000  sales: 300000000 yuan in profits and taxes: $80000000 yuan)

2005 Establish a strict environmental management system, through the ISO14001 Authentication

2004 Became private enterprise with withdrawal of all state-owned stock.

2000 Introduced the SMD line

1998 Reorganized as Company Limited.Changed company name as FSBREC.Employee-owned stock was 49%.
Classified as Emphases High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan.

1997 Passed ISO9000 and became excellent supplier in domestic color TV industry

Its former is No.4 Electronics Factory of Foshan which was founded in the early 1970s.

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